Blue Thong Society

Membership and Chapter Terms and Conditions

Blue Thong Society Chapter status entitles Chapters to:

  1. One year's posting on the Blue Thong Society Chapter Listings at
  2. One Blue Thong Membership Card and a year's Blue Thong benefits.
  3. All Blue Thong rights and privileges for all Blue Thong Babes, including:
    • All pertinent discounts
    • Full Blue Thong Society website access
    • Four Quarterly Blue Thong Babble Newsletters sent to all BTS members on-line
  4. Announcement to all chapter members to participate in all Blue Thong Bashes.
  5. The right to use the Blue Thong Society Chapter Logo on chapter materials, following the guidelines given in the Blue Thong Society Logo Usage Policy.
  6. Various other privileges, which may be subject to change.
  7. Your chapter will be sent a notice of expiration by e-mail prior to chapter listing expiration. If a chapter renewal fee is not received by the chapter expiration date, the chapter will lose all of the privileges pertaining thereto. A grace period will be permitted so that chapters will have ample time to renew before a lapse of status occurs.

Members of Blue Thong Society Chapters must not:

  1. Engage in negotiations with any third party on behalf of the Blue Thong Society.
  2. Use the Blue Thong Society name to sell or promote any commercial product or service.
  3. Distribute any type of printed materials in the name of the Blue Thong Society, which has not been supplied or given previous approval by The Blue Thong Society, Inc.
  4. Use the name of the Blue Thong Society, the Blue Thong Society logo, Fight Frump, or any other intellectual property belonging to the Blue Thong Society in conjunction with any unethical, immoral or otherwise inappropriate agencies or affiliations.
  5. Use information from this website ( or from "Blue Thong BS" to form e-mail "spam" lists or solicitation lists of any kind, or related to any activity or event.
  6. Use their Blue Thong Society affiliation as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products or services.
  7. Use any of the content of this website on any other website or printed material for any purpose without prior written permission from The Blue Thong Society, Inc.
  8. Use "Blue Thong BS" or any other vehicle of communication provided on this web site to harass, misinform, mislead or confuse others.
  9. Violate the Event Policies of the Blue Thong Society as stated on this website.
  10. Present their chapter as part of an independent organization. A chapter must always present itself as a chapter of the Blue Thong Society. If the chapter has a chapter website, the chapter name indicating its affiliation with the Blue Thong Society and a link to must be prominently displayed on the first page, without any "scrolling" necessary.
  11. Use their Blue Thong Society affiliation to solicit membership in an organization which appears to be in direct competition with, or to be an infringement upon the intellectual property of, the Blue Thong Society.

The Blue Thong Society reserves all rights to terminate Chapter status based on a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions and/or for improprieties which give the appearance of a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions. Chapter fees and/or membership fees will be forfeited by the offending chapter/member(s) in the case of discontinued chapter/membership service.

Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in legal action by The Blue Thong Society, Inc. and/or the discontinuance of any or all Blue Thong Society services. The offending member(s) in the case of discontinued membership service will forfeit membership fees.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice.

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Blue Thong Society 2018 National Conference

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April 19–22, 2018



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